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Shipping is currently "next day" once again. Check out the blog posts on the BISON Conference ... and the S.D. bison experience.

Charles Sinclair Puma Ulna knives


Charles Sinclair has many talents, and all of his crafts are intended for use - leather shirts and bison hide coats; hand cut fully finished wood furniture; Bois d'arc (Osage orange) elk sinew backed long bows ... with snakeskin overlay and bobcat tail silencers.

And knives!  Here are four; both functional and practical works of art.

The first ("A") is a forged and ground American steel blade with mountain lion ulna (leg bone) handle.  Handle is covered with deerskin rawhide, hand stitched for closure.  The sheath is also hand made of  wet formed deer rawhide, copper riveted and hand stitched and laced.  The insert is Diamondback Rattler (that Charles caught, skinned and tanned), with antique trade beads and fish vertebrae for very traditional decor on the sheath.  Tough, honed to a razor edge, beautiful and practical.  $798.

The second ("B") is American Damascus steel (the longer of the two knives) with the lion ulna handle.  It has a brass hand guard, copper trim and rivets; 7 1/4 inch blade and 11.5" overall length.  The sheath in the first photo is not the correct sheath, unfortunately, and we are working to fix that.  The actual sheath (my quick photo in the second picture) is a spectacular quill work, wet formed rawhide, old, old steel jingle cones, horsehair and braided deer showpiece.  We will be adding a much better photo just as quickly as we can get it to our dear friend and photographer extraordinaire, David Sinclair.   $1850