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"Jersey Knit" Bison/Yak Blend Classic Crew Socks


These classic crew style socks are finally back!  Bison/yak/silicon yarn crew socks are soft, long-wearing and oh-so-comfortable.  This is the same yarn from which we made the woman's bed socks. The response was immediate and very positive. We've had years of wear on quite a few pair and the results are excellent. Very warm, very light and not restrictive.

Available only in extra large.

These are knitted right here in the USA at Fox River Mills in Osage, Iowa

Our bison/yak/silicon polyester (Primaloft without the trade name) yarn is spun for us by the wizards at Soloft Technologies. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Buffalo Socks

Very warm & comfortable
Resilient as have some for 5 years & still performing
The family is sold on as well
Thx. D Herd

Dennis: Thank you as before ... and as you and I know (but now we will tell the world) these are 'Herd' Wear products, and you prove us right.

Thank all the Herds for helping make us what we are. Best wishes


What I do not know about socks could fill volumes.

I don't know what a Jersey knit is. The fabric,, the feel,,, absolutely incredible. The size,, well I struggle there. I wear a size 15 EE or EEEE Sneaker. (As though someone, anyone wearing snow shoes could ever justify the word 'sneak'.) These XL socks are not large enough for me. Some XL's are,, some are not, Fox Mills ? and I do not get along it would seem. For anyone 'normal' (You can actually find and buy shoes in a shoe store.) These would be great. My Scouting friend,, I was intending these for him,, Pacific Coast Trail ? For someone who lives in Michigan? Need I say more? His feet are gonna think he has died and gone to heaven. Buffalo down and Yak down,, combined in one sock,,, oh, my, yes.