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(1) Bluegill and Red Ear Fishing at Caddo Lake - one day with Ron and two days with guide Chaz Warren was great. More on that sometime. (2) The Bash tickets are up and selling. Remember - one ticket per person good for all 9 days of fun, food, music ... and a heck of a "swag bag". Can't make it? BUy a ticket or two anyway - this is a fundraiser for 4 worthy charities. (3) the Bash calendar is on the website and getting updated (almost) daily. Lots on it and LOTS to come. (4) Need more info on anything - call me at 817.992.8220 (5) I was sure there was something .... but OH Yes, check out the stuff on "New" ....
Yes, folks ... BIG NEWS. The Texas Historical Commission has bought the store in Goodnight. We will be there through the end of July, 2024 ... and then on line or by phone. No; we are not "quitting" - HERD WEAR will continue. Be sure you are on our email list and also on Buffalo Wool Co's list.

Big Blowout Bash Tickets.

Shirt Size (Will be mailed with Swag Bag)

The final events” Saturday, June 29 – July 6 … including the 4 th of July

Come Celebrate!”

This is a celebration, a time to say “adios”; a time for a kick-ass party and a chance to
grab up some super special deals on things you always wanted but didn’t think would
get into your own price range. Or just time for some more good conversation. And one
more great reason to get together here in Goodnight, Texas.

1. Ticket – good for the whole dang time; come once or come often. $200 per
person. Can’t make it? Buy a couple (or more) and we will find a veteran, a
deserving youth … someone who can use it and benefit from the experience.
Ticket money all goes to the 4 charities listed below. The bill for the party
comes to me!  

This event will benefit 4 of our special local charity organizations

Proceeds will be split equally between the 4 of them … so let’s get behind this
and make it huge and special.

The Friends of the Goodnight Historical Center
Amarillo Veterans War Memorial
The Goodnight Community Center
The Armstrong County Museum

2. Three very special dinners already planned:
a. A bison ribeye/ strip steak and Alaskan fish (cod, salmon, rockfish and
mahi-mahi) roast on ____________
b. A bison tenderloin paella from Jessica and Robbie Spicer – The “Cock
and Hen” outdoor catering on ______________.
c. “Bit” Pruitt

3. “Swag Bag” with special t-shirt, Bison cooler cup, bison jerky, Goodnight
souvenirs and more … still gathering more things to include.

4. Door prizes:

5. Rock Bottom; make an offer; close out pricing on everything left in the store
…. Including a bunch of the displays, fixtures and the like.

6. Meet the “new owners” – The Texas Historical Commission and the
Goodnight Historical Center; get a first hand look at what is coming here to

7. Bison burgers and brats every day from lunch through quitting time. In
addition there will be some special food offerings from day to day. Food truck
or trucks as well (already included in your ticket price

8. Breakfast burritos every day from our great friends at La Popular in Amarillo
9. Music many of the days; still working on who and when …. But if you play,
bring your strings or case and come on.

Can't wait to get this party started!  Hope to see you here



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