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American Field Bison Boot Sock

by BWC

Back in Stock! March 2022

A great sock addition from my daughter-in-law and son (Ron and Theresa) - the Buffalo Wool Company.

Our newest really warm bison down sock .... with more bison down that ANY OTHER sock.  We started with our base 90% bison down/ 10% color matched nylon carrier fiber and got Wigwam socks to knit this beautiful, tough, comfortable ... and very warm boot sock.  Nylon overplating reinforced in toe and heel (which is why the percentages of fiber changes in the end ... more nylon added over the base yarn); terry loop construction throughout for added warmth and comfort.

Small Medium, large and XL unisex sizing

Let me also explain the percentages of each yarn that will be on the sock packaging.  We send Fox River our 90% bison down/ 10% color matched nylon yarn.  They design and knit the socks and add nylon in the toe and heel and spandex to create the final sock.  They have to calculate by weight (not by yardage) how much of each yarn and fiber are in each batch (and each size) of our socks.  So ... while the base yarn that touches your foot is still 90% bison/ 10% nylon, the total percentages have to include the construction materials .. the additional nylon and spandex ... which brings the total bison percentage down.  Hope that is understandable.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Mark E.S. (Texas, United States)
Fabulous socks!

Silky soft and incredibly warm! Love them!

Lesley (New South Wales, Australia)

These were a birthday present for my husband,he hasn't stopped raving about how warm they are.thank you

Tom M. (California, United States)
Herd Wear socks

Love these socks! they are incredibly warm and comfortable. As an amateur astronomer, I spend several cold nights a year out in the California deserts at <35 degrees. I layer my socks three at a time, with my Herd Wear American Field socks in the middle. I never worry about my feet again for the rest of the night-and that's ALL night! Thank you for your remarkable socks!. Tom M Menifee California

Tom: I was thinking of the proper reply to your well-explained review and thought for a fleeting moment of just saying it was 'stellar' ... but how about a heart felt thank you, instead? The thoughtfulness and thoroughness is most appreciated. Be well and stay warm.


Cynthia L. (New York, United States)
Best socks

These socks live up to all my expectations!

Curly F. (California, United States)
Bison Down Boot Socks

These are my favorite boot socks when in the outdoors. Bison down wool makes great socks!!!

CONOR H. (Iowa, United States)

American Field Bison Boot Sock

Craig (Illinois, United States)
American field bison boot socks

Top notch! Best socks for outdoors winter time period

Michael (Arizona, United States)
WOW... Just Awesome

I'm older,... slower metabolism.. colder extremities (hands and feet)... also a little on the hefty side at around 250 lb... Just saying... poorly made socks wear out fast for me... and poor quality materials don't keep my feet warm... truth be told... I expected a thicker material for the sock... but was pleasantly surprised at the warmth retention... to be fair... I also ordered Darn Tough T4033 socks and United by Blue (UBU) Ultimate Bison Socks.... rotated among the three, 1 week usage at a time... UBU wore out quickly... I had to darn them after 6 months... I guess I'm just too heavy... Darn Tough seem invincible... however.... The American Field Bison Boot (AFBB) Sock seems to be holding its own against the Darn Tough Sock... Comfort and warmth wise... I like AFBB over the Darn Tough sock... Don't get me wrong here... Darn Tough is like the Gold Standard for socks... which is why I'm surprised the AFBB are holding up so well by comparison... Full Disclosure - I was so impressed with the socks... I ordered the bison beanie, neck gaiter, and fingerless flip top gloves.... The warmth & wicking properties of Bison Down are well documented... the quality of craftsmanship has a bearing on the durability of the product... I'm a satisfied customer... I've recommended these products to my children, and I love them... so... I reckon thats the highest praise I could give, regarding these products...

Michael - Wow. Thank you for the detailed and openly honest review. Your children you mentioned (and the rest of us) are lucky to have a mentor our your caliber.

Our first sock makers .... the people that taught us ... were the Cabot's from Darn Tough - Marc and Ric. If they weren't so busy knitting for themselves we might still have they making some of our socks. But, honesty is #1. Both from the manufacturer/seller and from the consumer. Again, our thanks for your taking time to be honest with us all.

Bison down is one of the best ... if not the best .. natural insulator for living beings. Add honest craftsmanship and here we are. It's not simple or easy, and the price has to reflect what it takes to make a quality and 'honest' product. That said, it is still an 'honest' price. Stay well and stay warm.