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Cecil is back in the Goodnight Store. Shipping is almost caught up. Call him at 817-992-8220 if you have any questions. Check out the blog posts on the NATIONAL BISON ASSOCIATION Winter Conference ... and the South Dakota bison experience.
Cecil is back in the Goodnight Store. Call him at 817-992-8220 if you have any questions. Check out the blog posts on the BISON Conference ... and the S.D. bison experience.

American Bison Horn Dice


These are truly made from American bison, crafted here in Texas by a company that ONLY makes custom dice.  They hate making them .. but love the finished product so much (kind of sounds like bison raising, yes?) that they will do very limited runs. 

They come in sets of six in a custom fitted storage box .. and they roll like fine dice are suppose to roll.  These are very special and we only have a few sets.  They call these 6d6 for size and faces; the largest six sided dice they make.

From the manufacturer:

Bison Horn is piano black, with some white and grey marbling that is more apparent that what we see in the Water Buffalo Horn. And rival water buffalo horn as some of the most beautiful dice we make. However taking a deep breath while we are making these might just be a detriment to one’s health. Both Buffalo and Bison horn both leave a utter horrid smell that permeates my shop for days after we finish making them. I swear if horn didn’t make some of the best dice on the planet I’d quite working with it all together. Gross. That smell gets in your hands and it won’t wash out… Lucky for yall, these dice don’t smell once they are complete as they only smell while they are being worked.

But alas horns make for some especially awesome dice. The dice do not have any finish applied to them. Instead they were buffed them using tripoli and a white rouge, then polished to a glossy luster with a soft cotton buffing wheel. This process, brings out a touch of white or gold marbling within the horn.

The golden numbers are not painted. They have been laser engraved as are all of our dice. This golden hue makes these jet black dice quite easy to read.