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The Hand Knit Designer Collection .... the original pieces from Buffalo Gold's yarns

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Original Price $262.00
Current Price $115.00

We will add one piece of knitwear per day; they will stay available until sold ... and there is only one of each.  Good Luck.  These are truly the finest of bison fiber knitwear available ever.  

Call if there are any questions;  Cecil at 817-992-8220.  Store phone - 915-247-6601

#10 - For November 29 - (caught up for the moment).  An absolutely exquisite pale peach colored 100% Heavenly Alpaca set - scarf, arm warmers and headband.  Retail on this is over $500!.  One only; hand knit in Peru by the amazing folk at Jacques Cartier/Qiviuk Boutique/Nando Designs - Only $145! for the set!  

November 28 ... Hope it was a Happy Thanksgiving; it was here in Goodnight.  The inaugural meal for the Maygar's new home right on the edge of the Palo Duro Canyon- just a half mile due south of us, with our dear friends (and Elizabeth's parents) the Goodin's - Monty and Emery.

#9 - For November 27 - Hand knit floppy tam; beautifully executed in "Earth Lite" - 90% bison down/ 10% nylon.  Truly an impressive gift ... for a loved one or yourself.  No need to be cold this coming winter.  Insurance value $200.  Grab it for just $87.50

#8 - for November 26 - Hand Knit bison down socks.  About a 7or 8 size (medium).  Prairie Cable knit.  90% bison down/ 10% nylon Buffalo Gold "Earth" yarn.  Thick and cozy, these are both for looks and for excellent warmth.  Great for those cold slushy days to come!  Was created for one of our advertising campaigns some years ago.  Insurance value $145.  Buy the pair now for $65.

#7 - for November 25  (yes, I know that I am behind!! ... will try and catch it all up today).  100% Heavenly Alpaca scarf in Cornflower Blue.  48" x 6".  Hand knit by our friends at Jacques Cartier/Qiviuk in Peru.  Light as a feather;  A one of a kind accent piece for most any outfit .. and yes, it is warm!  Yarn value $145.  Today priced at $75.  

#6 -  for November 24 -  Newborn Pioneer Bonnet - 100% pure Heaven bison yarn, with a small tassle and ties.  The purest bison down yarn we ever created, but it was only in very small batches ... and there is no more.  A true lace weight pristinely dehaired bison down yarn.  The only thing you would want next to your precious ones skin.  Insurance value was $125.  This one is yours for just $62.50


SOLD - #5 - for November 22 and November 23 ... a "two-fer" one price.  One piece is a very nice head band or ear band, knit from a beautifully hand spun 100% bison down yarn.  Insurance value was $45.   Button Closure with a loop that could become adjustable with a small addition as needed.

  The second piece is short double knobby knit neck scarf from our ""Lux" bison cashmere silk Tencel yarn.  So soft next to the skin, with plenty to keep you comfortable.  yarn value is $70; insurance valuation was $135. 


SOLD - #4 - for November 21, 2019 .. just a bit late to get it on the site, sorry.  A very feminine deep triangle scarf, lace knit with one skein of our Lux - Bison, Cashmere, Silk, Tencel yarn.  It was the yarn that made the knitting word take notice of bison.  The hand is so soft, but the strength is there, unlike most of the natural animal fibers.  A two oz piece that will dress up any outfit. Wear it with the matching knit slide, or just tie it off around the neck.  Yarn value was $70.  Insured valuation was $185.   


SOLD - #3 - for November 20, 2019.  Truly one-of-a-kind piece.  Subtle tones in the hand dyed yarn (our first Bison/Cashmere/Silk/Tencel blend that the knitters went bonkers over).  Color is called "Black Hills" with the greys, browns and blacks highlighted by the knit in beading.  37" long and about 5"
 wide.  Yarn value was $140.  Insurance valuation was $295. 

# 2 - for November 19, 2019.  So the first piece shot out of here at 5:15 AM:  The next set - we are calling it #2, is a tam and scarf set.  The yarn was our "Earth" blend- 90% bison down and 10% color matched "Buffalon" nylon.  Very soft and very durable.  Great symmetry and flow to the design.  The scarf is 57" x 7" and the tam will fit down on most heads comfortably.  Yarn value on this piece was $90 and the insurance valuation was $575.  You can get it for $325 ... but there is only one!   Wait Wait ... this is the only one that didn't sell  ... so let's see if reducing the price to $275 makes a difference!    Well, that didn't work either so one more reduction and then I'll just pull it.  Until Monday, Dec 2, this set will be just a flat $200.

SOLD - We're just calling it #1 - is a 54" x 14" shawl/scarf knit from our 100% bison down "Heaven" yarn.  It weighs just 3.9 ounces!  It will still keep the cold out for a night on the town, sitting in a cool house reading, or just easy comfortable wearing.



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Hyde, A. (California, United States)
Nicest socks I've ever owned

Gorgeous, soft, warm, perfect!