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bison leather sides


Beautiful bison leather sides.  American tanned.  4 colors.  approximately 4 oz. in weight.  Great for upholstery, for vests, garment trims, for bags, gun cases and more.

Sold by the side; priced by the square foot - $7.25 per. (first price increase in 5 years on leather).  Sides are from 16-20 square feet.  Some full hides at 38 plus sq. ft.

JUST ARRIVED (November 2020).   Some really intense colored bison leather - fuscia, royal, forest green, deep navy blue 

Call me (Cecil) on my cell - 817-992-8220 for questions or to get specifics on the side(s) you may want

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fred M. (Texas, United States)
Bison side

Hey Cecil , I ordered the bison side when it was miss marked at 6.25 for the whole side. You sent an email that reviled the correct price. I don’t care about the 6.25 you gotta make a profit to continue producing these wonderful testaments to our heritage! I really like the fingerless one world gloves very well made and warm! My brothers and I are planning to dove hunt at Matador, if we have some extra time I’d like to swing by and check out your store. Cheers Fred

Hey Fred: Thanks. Love to have you come on buy (and I have some great recipes for dove ... sausage just being one of them). Take care ... and we'll figure out the leather when you come by ... just remind me.


nwdragonfly (Oregon, United States)
Amazing leather

I am so excited about this Bison leather. I'm learning how to make the coolest things.

Luke A. (Washington, United States)

You have great products, service and attitude! The next time I get leather you’ll hear from me.

William B.
Bison leather sides

My wife and I stumbled upon the Herd Wear retail store in Goodnight, Tx. as we were driving home to Louisiana from a week in Colorado. We decided to stop in to see what it was about. We were pleasantly surprised with the retail items that they had in their store. I actually bought a hat and as we were checking out, I spotted the bison leather sides. I had been telling my wife that I was interested in learning leathercraft and this discovery just cemented that dream. I bought one of the sides before we left that day and have ordered several more sides over the phone since that day. This is the most beautiful and subtle leather i have ever laid my hands on. My wife and I are preparing to open an online store to sell the handmade items that we've been crafting from the Bison sides. If you are looking for a bison leather dealer with a beautiful product, give them a call.