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As of Feb. 2, shipping is right up to date ... and for the next week we are back to "next day" out-the-door". You might also want to check out the blog posts on the NATIONAL BISON ASSOCIATION Winter Conference ... and the South Dakota bison experience.
Shipping is currently "next day" once again. Check out the blog posts on the BISON Conference ... and the S.D. bison experience.

The current Covid-19 concerns and actions - August 18, 2021

The Goodnight store will be remain open per our discussions with our doctor/friends .... whom we trust.  We are listening to the National, State and local officials (whom we do not trust), but it's our doc's that have "prescribed" the following protocol.  

1.  We are "suggesting" ... but not requiring ... that everyone - us included - wear a "real" mask.  A lot of you already do come in wearing masks and it is appreciated.  We do have disposable surgical masks if you prefer. 

2.  In addition, we have disposable gloves for you to wear - minimize touch contact risk to you from other customers.  It's a precaution and we think it wise under the current circumstances.

3.  Keep your distance from others, please.  Plenty of room in the store for our usual half dozen or less at a time customers.

4.  At check out, please stand in front of the plexiglas screen ... not to the side, again, for everyone's benefit.

5.  We do have hand sanitizer and the bathroom sink is preped with good old fashion soap and water for hand washing.

We also put on gloves; we wipe down the door handles of the store and meat cases with sanitizer and disposable wipes, maintain distance and so far, no one has coughed or sneezed.  

With orders we ship, we do use gloves and are minimizing the use of "recycled" packing (that is a pity, though). 

We will do whatever we can to help you, our loyal friends and customers; call us with needs and concerns ... and stay safe!

Feel free to offer suggestions; we want the best for all of us.  So bear with us; we'll keep the lights on as long as we can safely ... and thank you all