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Herd Wear Bison/Silk "Technical" Structured Boot Sock


We have seven years now (and counting) of happy customers with comfortable and warm feet in this "super sock." Stop cold feet and enjoy your outdoor time with our bison/silk/nylon/spandex Technical Boot Sock.

Bison down and silk ... two of natures most perfect insulators to keep you at body temperature. For active wear all fall and winter: not too hot and never too cold.

Terry loop under the foot bed adds comfort; vented and structured over the instep keeps it in place as you move. There is a nicely placed and very comfortable terry loop shin pad. and just enough spandex to hold this sock above a 10" boot top – but not enough to restrict circulation. Nylon over-plaited in the toe and way up past the heel for long, smooth wear. Machine washable on cold.

Knit by Fox River Mills in Osage, IA. with our custom-produced Buffalo Gold half bison/half silk yarn

Let me also explain the percentages of each yarn that will be on the sock packaging.  We send Fox River our 50% bison down/ 50% silk yarn.  They design and knit the socks and add nylon in the toe and heel and spandex to create the final sock.  They have to calculate by weight (not by yardage) how much of each yarn and fiber are in each batch (and each size) of our socks.  So ... while the base yarn that touches your foot is still half bison/half silk, the total percentages have to include the construction materials .. the nylon and spandex ... which brings the total bison and silk percentages down.  Hope that is understandable.

Sock Sizing

Socks should fit as well as any of your other garments. The heel should sit on your heel and not under it as in a sock too small, nor half way up your Achilles as in a sock that’s too large. Socks should be flush against your foot with no extra material sagging. The toe seam should lay flat across the top of the toes.

Sock Heel at Your Heel
The sock heel should sit on your heel, not under it or above it.

Flat Toe Seam
The toe seam should lie flat along the top of your toes, not above or below.

Taut Across the Foot
Socks should be taut across your foot with no sagging material.

Shoe Size US Men US Women

3 – 6


7 – 9

7 – 10


9.5 – 11.5

10 – 12.5


12 – 14

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
DCJ (New Mexico, United States)
Met all of my high expectations!

These are truly fine socks, should wear a long time. Extra soft, yet rugged, and well constructed ! Will be buying more

You keep those expectations right up there and we will continue to do our best to match them .. every time.

Best wishes

Michael B. (Missouri, United States)
Bison/Silk Boot Sock

I bought a pair of these bison socks two years ago in the Goodnight store. They are still going strong. These are tremendously comfortable and while they keep your toes warm in the deer blind, they are not too hot for everyday cool weather wear. I suggest you buy the socks first and take them with you when you purchase your next pair of boots. That way you will be sure to have the best fit with the best pair of socks ever. I now have a second pair as backup. These socks are well worth the price.

Michael: Excellent advise and most appreciatred. So glad you are that pleased; we'll keep working on it.

Best wishes


Claudio S. (Zurich, Switzerland)
warm even when wet

I just did return from a fishing trip to the russian tundra. The boots of my waders were leaking, therefore my feet got wet. I was glad that I had my newly bought herd wear bison socks on. Even though the socks were wet they still kept my feet warm and cozy! Just like the gloves.

Claudio: Tell us more about the fishing!! That had to be exciting. So glad the socks performed as we expect ... Any pictures of the fish and fishing you might care to share would be most welcomed. Welcome Home (and now get those boots patched!!)


Keith J.(. (England, United Kingdom)
Bison / silk sock

It took a while to receive these socks from the USA to the UK, but well worth the wait !! They are so warm!
Will look to order more!

Keith: Thank you for your patience. It took from April 16 thru May 8 to get it from Amarillo Texas to the USPS International clearance center in Chicago ... 22 days. It got to London on May 9 and was delivered May 11. What does that say for America??

Keith; Thanks for both for your patience and your kind review .... and so glad it was worth the wait. Best wishes. Cecil

JRS (Georgia, United States)
Best socks for Hockey, Skiing, and winter Teleworking

No joke. Best socks hands down for skiing and playing hockey. I am buying more now, because not only are they legendarily comfy, but their performance and durability is out of this world. They keep keep my toes warm all day, and have now become my favorite teleworking socks, especially during the winter. I have come back and bought another pair every year, and about to do the same thing again right now! Awesome product 6/5 star socks

Lisa S. (Illinois, United States)
so warm!

My husband loves these socks--they are very warm, as promised, and comfy.

David M. (Oregon, United States)
Great socks

We purchased a pair a few Christmas’s back for my son who
hunts and he loved them and wore them out over the course of a year as he used them at his work too. He works construction so they made it a year of washings and wearing. My Daughter in law loves them as his feet rarely smell when he wears them.
So this Christmas I purchased a pair for him and for her as they are both very active outdoors. Great great socks.!
Lyons Oregon

Bobbie (Colorado, United States)
WARM and Comfy

I have very cold feet. they know the seasons and come late fall they are on permanent freeze. My husband stopped at the store 5 years ago on his way to someplace else and discovered the buffalo socks...the rest is history. These are very comfortable, well padded and so warm. I can’t say enough good things about these socks and about buffalo socks. They are wonderful.

Customer Reviews

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