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It is almost official (waiting on the final paperwork). The Texas Historical Commission will take over the property here at Herd Wear. Blog post below has more details. The store will be open through the end of July, 2024 ... and then Herd Wear will be all on line ... or just a phone call away. Come on in while you can. There will be some great celebration come late spring and summer, promise. It's not goodby ... it's moving forward. See you here soon. Best wishes to all. Cecil
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Pro-Gear Bison/Silk Blend Crew Sock


November 22, 2023.  Out of XL until sometime next year, sorry.   Large, Medium and Small available/

This "Herd Wear" Crew Sock is a shorter version of our Technical Boot Sock. It has the same terry loop cushioned foot bed and vented and structured instep for smooth fit, but in a crew height (and without the shin cushion).  A sock the whole year around (well, maybe not in the dead heat of summer .. but at least 10 months out of the year).   Comfortable, plenty warm but plenty of breathing, as well.  You should not experience any "wet feet" from being overly warm or enclosed.  Excellent moisture retention and wicking.

Bison/silk/nylon/spandex. Nylon over-plaited toe and heel for reinforcement in the critical wear points of any sock. Machine washable cold. Knit for Buffalo Gold and The Buffalo Wool Company with our bison/silk yarn in Osage, IA, by Fox River Mills.  Great sock company!

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE "COLOR" ON THE HEEL AND TOE ARE ONLY FOR SIZE IDENTIFICATION: Red is extra large; blue is large; yellow is medium and brown is small ... that is the only way they come, so if, for example you order a "medium", expect that the heel and toe will be yellow. 

Let me also explain the percentages of each yarn that will be on the sock packaging.  We send Fox River our 50% bison down/ 50% silk yarn.  They design and knit the socks and add nylon in the toe and heel and spandex to create the final sock.  They have to calculate by weight (not by yardage) how much of each yarn and fiber are in each batch (and each size) of our socks.  So ... while the base yarn that touches your foot is still half bison/half silk, the total percentages have to include the construction materials .. the nylon and spandex ... which brings the total bison and silk percentages down.  Hope that is understandable.


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Customer Reviews

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Chesley R.J. (Kentucky, United States)
Simply the best

I have ordered 4 pairs of socks and two pairs of gloves first of all the socks are the most comfortable warm socks I have ever put on my feet they are expensive but there worth it so indulge yourself. The gloves are like the socks very comfortable and warm would like an outer shell to make them more wind proof that would be perfection. I would recommend your gloves and socks to anyone

Chesley: Good Sunday Morning to you all ... and thank you for taking time to write your excellent review up for us ... and all those that follow. As to the 'overglove', take a look at my son's Buffalo Wool Co - We have done an 'overglove' - I just don't have all sizes available .... and I am pretty sure if you get in touch he can sell you just the over glove if that is all you need. Great Minds .... right? All the best wishes


Jeff W. (Texas, United States)
I love my bison socks

I live in warm weather but bought some bison socks several years ago for a hiking trip in the winter. I love them so much that I bought two more pairs for an upcoming trip. Just buy them - you won’t be disappointed.

YoV (Illinois, United States)
My niece has two pairs of my socks

Warm socks with good compression. Excellent quality. Did I mention my niece has two pairs of what use to be my socks.

Thanks for taking time to get the review up ... made me smile. It always makes my heart sing when generations bond over ..... socks?! Be well and know your niece has great judgment (as do you). Best wishes


P. (Texas, United States)

These socks are very warm, very soft, very easy care (machine wash and dry), very high quality! I have worn the crew and mil-top socks for several years and given them as gifts. On the farm, I can be in my boots and on my feet all day long in total comfort. Also, great as sleep socks. If you are ever near Goodnight, TX a visit to the store is well worth the stop.

Dennis H. (Texas, United States)
Herd Family Stocking Stuffers

Perfect gifts for last 6 years
Socks are very warm & durable- long lasting
D Herd

M S. (Texas, United States)
Number One!

Gave Bison gifts to my son and grandsons. It was a top number 1 gifts with family.

Kim G. (Texas, United States)
nice gifts

I purchased 3 pair of socks for Christmas gifts. They are high quality, thick and will make very nice gifts.


Got these for my wife and she loves them!! Might have to get a pair for myself and family for Christmas