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"Herd Wear" Socks & Leg Warmers

We've had a couple of questions about the fiber content percentages on the sock packages.  Let me explain:

We harvest the bison fiber, get it cleaned, separated, and spun into yarn.  That yarn is what we send to our various sock knitters.  It is made with the percentages  - like the 90% bison - 10% nylon or the 85% bison - 15% nylon. 

When the sock knitters get that yarn, they use nylon in the toe and heel to "overplait" or cover the bison/nylon for durability in the wear areas.  Then, they add spandex for the elasticity .... sometimes over the instep; always on the top cuff. 

They then have to calculate, for each run of socks, the percentages of each fiber by "weight" and not yardage; our yarn being lighter than pure nylon or spandex.  So the 90/10 yarn may end up as a 76% bison/ 15% nylon 9% spandex or some such percentage. However, the part that touches your foot is always the initial yarn we create ... and that has always been the the way we describe our sock yarns.   Hope that helps.



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    Original Price $45.00
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