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SALE SALE - Chocolate Vicuña Lace Triangle Shawl Scarf

by Qiviuk
Save 54%
Original Price $775.00
Current Price $355.00

"Nando" - the brand of Fernando Alverez highest end products - featherlight and buttery soft lace milk chocolate 100% Vicuña yarn ... the fiber of kings ... hand knit shawl / scarf.  Knit in Peru. Hand wash or dry clean.  46" x 40" x 40".

Vicuna is one of the rarest of fibers; the supply is very small.

Made from South American vicuña camelids, which roam the Andes Mountains, the super-soft, fine, and resilient wool has been coveted for decades—particularly by Incan royalty. Today, it is in scarce supply because vicuña is an endangered species and, therefore, is shorn under tightly controlled conditions.