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May 29, 2023 - Memorial Day. In reality, isn't every day "Memorial Day"? Sure hope so. Just take another moment to reflect on and remember those, both here and gone. History is important and it is up to each of us to keep it so.
May 29, 2023 - Memorial Day. In reality, isn't every day "Memorial Day"?

Red Dog Kids- American Field Jr. socks

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We've "herd" your request to give your kids and grandkids (and the neighbor's kids) the same kind of great foot warmth and comfort as we have for adults.

Here they are ...  finally.  Kids "Red Dog" American Field Jr. bison blend socks:

If your child loves hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, or scouting, investing in a good pair or two of warm, insulating, wicking socks is an good bet for making sure they stay comfy and happy!

Not only will these types of socks keep your child's feet warm and dry, they will also offer added support and protection during their outdoor adventures. American bison socks can help prevent blisters, hot spots, and chafing, allowing your child to fully enjoy their time outdoors without being held back by sore, uncomfortable feet.

Our bison down yarns are engineered to wick away moisture to help minimize bacterial and fungal infections.  (NO MORE FUNKY FOOT SMELL!)

Base Yarn (the yarn we send to the sock knitter before they add the nylon and spandex) : 34% Bison Down 33% Merino Wool 33% Bamboo fiber

Overall yarn percentages by weight after knitting:  24% Bison Down 24% Merino Wool 23% Bamboo Fiber 23% Nylon 4% Poly 2% Spandex

Sizing Chart 





Shoe sizes

9 to 11.5

12 to 2.5

3 to 6

Here’s a quick list of the top features of the American Field Jr. Socks.

  • Terry loop extra padded footbed
  • Triple-Reinforced toe and heel
  • Flat seam toe
  • Bison Down/Merino Wool/Bamboo fiber Blend with Nylon and Spandex to give you the perfect amount of stretch and durability
  • "Red-dog" Bison logo on toe and calf
  • Machine wash warm and tumble dry - no need for bleach, iron, or dry clean


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