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The NATIONAL BISON ASSOCIATION Winter Conference and Gold Trophy Bison Sale will take place in Westminister Colorado from January 17 - 21, 2023. Cecil will be there and not in the Goodnight Store. Shipping will resume after he gets back. Call him at 817-992-8220 if you have any questions about getting your order.
Cecil will be away from the store (again) until Saturday, January 6. (It really is starting to feel like "retirement"). Shipping will resume then. Call me at 817-992-8220 if you have any questions.

Annette Graener Hand Woven Bison fabric Purses

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Original Price $625.00
Current Price $300.00

SOLD OUT - The last of an amazing artists work.  If you knew Annette, you understand.  If you didn't have the pleasure and joy of hearing her beam about bison fiber; watch her make the Great Wheel spin or her loom sing ... you can share with the last of these hand spun and hand woven pieces.

Hand loomed bison/silk/alpaca fabric with American tanned bison leather trims and handles.    A lifetime piece of handwoven practical artistry.

For close to forty years, Annette, Austrian by birth, Colorado resident by adoption - created weavings of many kinds with American bison fiber.   She did it all - harvest the fiber, wash, spin, dye and weave what have become heirloom pieces. Annette was the featured artist-in-residence at the now closed Denver Buffalo Company gallery.

In 2007, several of her weavings were requested by the Museum of the Native American at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., for permanent collection. That, my friends, is the quality and depth of this artist's works.

Annette used predominantly whole hair bison fiber, but blended with other natural animal fibers - alpaca, Navajo Churro and other local wools, and silk.

The leatherwork - also American bison - was done by her long time collaborator, Frank Mackray of Colorado Leathers. Oh, the colors! That's just pure Annette.

Annette has gone .... but her love of bison fiber and of the bison itself are alive in these purses.  You'll only regret it if you wait too long, you won't regret getting one for yourself or a loved one. 

Also available are two bison leather trimmed "car robes" - E and F and two pieces of her woven fabric - G and H.  There are also a couple of "vintage" Anette vests; call for those please  817.992.8220 

And my apologies for the not so great pictures of these great pieces.... it was last minute and using the phone; can get better shots for anyone who would like.  Cecil