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"Vintage" Leather Laptop Attaché Case


A very nice leather (goat) case.  Goat leather is a pretty tough but thin material, reduces weight in products like bags and gloves

Well constructed, but not so high end as to raise the price too high.  Affordable and stylish.

large is approximately 15” x 12”

XL is approximately 16” x 13” 

Brass zippers, rivets and buckles

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chase V.C. (New Mexico, United States)
Amazing laptop case.

I have always wanted one of these. I'm very pleased with this purchase. The quality is amazing! I will be purchasing several more as gifts. Thank you, Cecil, for going the extra mile to fill my order. You have an awesome place and everything in your store is of the highest quality.

Brian D.R. (Texas, United States)
Laptop bag-very nice!

I bought my first bag, and have enjoyed having and using it. Nicely made, and it works for what need. Plenty of pockets and storage area. I have gotten numerous compliments on it, and have since bought 2 more as gifts for family and friend.
As much as I like it, I think it needs two small design adjustments. The shoulder strap is too long, even after adjusted up all the way. And it needs some “relief” cuts in the top flap for the shoulder strap attaching buckle, so it doesn’t squeeze the top flap in when carried.
Other than that, it’s a perfect bag. Will keep in mind to get more for others as gifts when needed.

<p>Brian: Hi and thanks. I have passed your suggestions on to the maker, and will see if we can get them incorporated into the next set. Thanks for the honesty ... we need all of that we can get these days in particular. Stay safe and well, and will be back in touch.</p>