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"One World" Fingerless Gloves



"One World" Bison Down Fingerless gloves are for the "one world" you live in every day - working, driving, walking, playing. They can even be used for medical heat retention.

The insulating undercoat of the American Bison has been made into a light, soft, durable glove, originally designed for winter fly fishing. The same air-retention quality that protects American Bison in northern winters gently and oh-so-effectively holds in your own body heat. The high moisture regain (the ability hold water without you feeling it) means hours of comfort when other gloves fail.

Fingers free; hands warm. Machine washable. 90% Buffalo Gold bison down/10% color-matched nylon.

The black are some we produced for the FIlson Company a few years back.  Same yarn, same glove ... just overdyed black

Proudly knit in the USA by your neighbors in upstate New York.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Bernie S. (Ontario, Canada)
Fingerless Gloves

Waiting for the cooler weather to fully evaluate
They are very well made, very comfortable
Very happy to date with all Bison products I have purchased expect the outcome with these gloves will be the same

Review from Canada

I bought both the full and fingerless gloves on Dec.5th. Didn't arrive until Jan.10th just the postal system and holiday rush. The order went out the same day and they were well worth the wait. Excellent workmanship and very warm. Lots of " chilly" weather to test them up here.Now I need to figure what else i can order to test out.

TexaninIdaho (Idaho, United States)

These gloves are super cozy and allow me to still use my phone and fingers. They are getting a little fuzzy with daily use, but it adds to their charm and warmth. I think they are great and would recommend them to anyone. I have yet to fly fish in them, but look forward to giving it a try.

Melissa (Texas, United States)
I have wanted a pair of these for years

I have wanted to get a pair of these for years. I love fingerless gloves and wear them all fall and winter. I just hesitated at the price. I have had alpaca, cashmere and cotton. These are the warmest of all of them. Worth every penny.

Melissa. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We know that our bison down gloves (and socks, beanies, scarves) are 'pricey' ... but once you know both the quality and the number of steps we have to take to get that winter undercoat from the natural state to the finished product, well ... it is not for the faint of heart. Wear them in good health, for a long time.

Thank you again.

Cecil Miskin

Craig (Illinois, United States)
Fingerless gloves

I work roadway maintenance. During the winter these gloves are worn daily. They hold up and are warm! I'm due to get new ones soon. Not because they're worn out but because I'm getting near retirement and would hate to lose them!

David O.[. (Washington, United States)
Fingerless gloves

I have used HerdWear gloves for years.They are the only gloves i have found to keep my hands warm while fishing during the winter. 5 Stars!!!

Rhonda S. (Oregon, United States)
Warm & Comfy

Bought these as a gift for my dad. He takes long walks every day and is always cold. He said not only do the gloves keep him warm, the wool is very soft. He is so excited to use them on his next fishing trip!

Michael (Arizona, United States)
Good... just not the best

I bought these and they worked well... they keep the hand warm... unfortunately... they don't keep the fingertips warm... who would expect them to do that... right!! They are fingerless gloves... also, unfortunately, I cut off the fingertips of two of my fingers (yes... powered saw blades do a fine job of cutting fingers... cut the wood, not the flesh !!!) anyway.... as a result of that... what's left of those 2 fingers that stick above the fingerless get cold faster than the rest of my hand... however, I also use the computer a lot in a cold climate (2 miles high in altitude)... often - not in a warm environment... so I need the fingerless gloves so I can type... but still not have shaking hands from the cold... I probably would have endured with my choice of purchasing the Extreme Gear Bison Down Fingerless Gloves , but I lost them... (long story)... (You can read my review under - Michael (Tokyo, JP)) -(No I don't live in Tokyo... I just made my review from there...) which is why I opted to buy the "fingerless flip top gloves" as the replacement.... fingerless when I need them... full coverage for everything else... and in my assessment... the "fingerless fliptop gloves" are -"The Best!" They breathe so my hands don't feel like they are in a coffin... the wind blows through them... but because of the heat retention properties of Bison wool... it feels more like a summer breeze than the actual -5 C ...

<p>Michael: Thank you for that thoughtful review. Had we known about your missing digits, we would have suggested a 'customized' bison down glove. While we don't make a big deal out of it, we do have an number of very talented hand knitters that have re-worked our machine knit gloves for some of our military who have had hand or foot injuries. With a photocopy of the extremity, they re-shape the glove or sock to fit.</p>

<p>Glad you found the flips and that they work for you. Stay warm and safe .... and careful!</p>