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Full Fingered Bison Down Gloves


These Full-Fingered Bison Down Gloves are perfect for everyday activities - working, driving, walking, playing, even medical heat retention. They are the best – warmest, most durable, most comfortable – bison down glove available, period!

The insulating undercoat of the American bison made into a light, soft, durable glove. The same air retention quality of American bison down that protects buffalo in Northern winters gently but so effectively holds in your own body heat. The high moisture regain (the ability to hold water without you feeling it) means hours of comfort when other gloves fail.

Machine washable. Proudly knit in upstate New York using Buffalo Gold yarn spun with 90% bison down, 10% color-matched nylon.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Bernt B. (Skåne County, Sweden)

Thanks for the gloves, I am completely satisfied, have had a pair before for several years.👍

C.J. (Alberta, Canada)
Excellent gloves

These are light but warm all purpose gloves

Douglas R. (Colorado, United States)
Sentimental purchase that was well worth it...

20 years ago my 75 year-old mother (at the time) bought me a pair of these gloves for Christmas. I recently miss-placed them, so glad I was able to determine where she purchased them and I subsequently replaced them. Very warm and comfortable...I feel 'whole' again.

pam d. (Illinois, United States)
bison gloves

I bought these gloves to give as a present at Christmas. I already own a pair and love the feel and warmth they provide. Going on the third winter with mine.

Dale W. (Texas, United States)
Favorite gloves

I bought a pair at Caprock Canyons State Park a few (several?) years ago. They stay in the pockets of my winter coat and they’ve always kept my hands warm, even on hikes in the low 20s F. Very comfortable, fit great and they’ve held up very well. Family members always want to borrow them, but I’m rather protective of them.

Teresa D.L.B. (British Columbia, Canada)
Excellence at It's Finest- Warmth of a Fur Coat

This product is one of my favorite if you are looking for warmth and softness for a baby's skin. You will be able to stay warm in the sub zero northern hemisphere Canadian and arctic climate with style. I wear them daily at work outdoors with thermals while my colleagues shiver with hand warmers. I bought the fox ear muffs and fantastic bison insoles too so my ears & toes remain toasty too!

James D. (Texas, United States)
Not what I expected

I have several pairs the bison socks and they work well during the cold season. I thought the gloves would as well, and while they’re warm when it’s not too cold, temperatures in the 30’s apparently are too much for the material. It seems they’d work well as an insert to an outer glove, but as stand alone they’re way over priced for what they provide. Sorry I got them.

James: Good morning. We'll be glad to buy back the gloves; Just let me know and I will email a return label to get the refund started. Yes, you can use it at a liner, but it's intent, just like on the bison, is to have that insulating undercoat between your skin (and thus your heat source - your body and the elements. We use more of the 'down' in the gloves as they are the outside layer, but the socks we have to blend with silk or other natural fibers so they don't trap too much heat inside your shoe or boot.

We hunt Dakota pheasant with the fingerless version - better gun control -down to roughly 5 degrees and Texas geese on layout blinds to about 15 degrees. Not trying to convince you, but just saying.

Always appreciate the honesty; that's what these reviews are about and do remember no sale is final until you are happy.

Best of the Holidays ... and do stay warm.


But let me know and I'll get the return label on the way pronto.

Karla M. (Texas, United States)
Love them!

These are the best gives for every task.
Already soft and broken in, they were my immediate favourite, and still are!