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"Cody" Paleolithic-Styled Pocket Knife by Charles Sinclair

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From the mind, creativity and skilled hands of Charles Sinclair comes his latest in the "Cody" knife series. These designed for front pocket carry and ease of retrevial.

This one is pure function cut and ground of 1055 cold steel, with the added style of a horse hide sheath and Damascus brass barrel bead on the hand strap. (Click on the first photo for more on 1055 steel.)  $250

We just got two of Charles's Damascus steel Cody Knives.  See photo  These are $325 with horse hide sheath

If you're not familiar with the Paleolithic origin of the "Cody" knife, the Cody Complex is a Paleo-Indian culture group first identified at a bison antiquus kill site near Cody, Wyoming in 1951.

Charles has hand-crafted his version of what a Cody knife might be like for today's world.  He first did them for us out of several different American Damascus steel billets - one I carry daily. It works for cutting bailing twine when I am in the pasture; opening boxes in the store .. and just fine at restaurants that do not have sharp enough cutlery for their entrees.  

I did have one of Charles's Damascus (Star Damascus) Cody knives with water snake inset on the sheath (and belt clip).  That one sold for $380.  Call if interested.